AJAC’s Mentor Training for On-the-Job Trainers

Don’t spend extra time and money sending your employees out for mentor training. Let AJAC bring its employer-driven, hands-on training to you. AJAC’s highly skilled manufacturing instructors from industry will travel to your company and train your employees on your schedule and according to your business needs.

Course Length Maximum Number of Students per Class Course Format
4 hours 15 students Instructor-led course held at your Washington State company.

On-the-job training (OJT) programs can be very productive when properly structured with a mentor. The AJAC mentor training course increases on the job performance and empowers your mentors as leaders.

What is a Mentor?

Mentors are shop leads, supervisors, managers or other employees with significant experience who serve as an on-the-job trainer for employees participating in OJT training. First time mentors may be uncertain how to pass on their knowledge to their trainee and may want to acquire some guidance. Other mentors, who are experienced, but may have no formal training, can use this course as an opportunity to learn new strategies.


During AJAC’s four hour mentor training course, your OJT trainers will learn the best practices for transferring their knowledge.

Key Topics Covered

Through hands-on exercises and role play, your mentors will:

  • Define the structure of an OJT team
  • Identify styles and strengths of their trainee
  • Practice methods of how to be an effective mentor
  • List the elements of a comprehensive training plan
  • Assess performance

Skills Assessment

Your mentor(s) will complete the course with the knowledge and skills needed to build a solid mentoring relationship, develop a comprehensive training plan and transfer their knowledge.


This course is for:

  • Shop leads, supervisors, managers, etc., working in the manufacturing industry in Washington State
  • Other employees who supervise on-the-job training activities

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