AJAC’s Geometric Dimension & Tolerancing (GD&T) Training

Don’t spend extra time and money sending your employees out for GD&T training. Let AJAC bring its employer-driven, hands-on training to you and, advance your employees’ competency with engineering drawings. AJAC’s highly skilled manufacturing instructors from industry will travel to your company and train your employees on your schedule according to your business needs.

Course Length Maximum Number of Students per Class Course Format
40 hours 15 students Instructor-led classroom course held at your Washington State company or on AJAC’s Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing and Mobile Training Unit (AIM-MTU).

Due to the technical content and pace of the course, a good understanding of engineering drawings and inspection techniques is a pre-requisite.


AJAC’s GD&T course will introduce your employees to the most common GD&T concepts and principles utilized in manufacturing. This course is based on the current ASME Y14.5 Standards.

Through hands-on practice and instructor guidance, your employees will study the theory and application in using standard tolerances and GD&T, concentrating on geometric dimensioning and its relation to engineering drawings.


This course is for employers and employees working in the manufacturing industry in Washington State.

Skills Assessment

Your employees will demonstrate their understanding of GD&T theory and principles, utilizing hands-on inspection best practices. Students will accurately inspect the provided AJAC Inspection Plate and report the results for verification.

Formal assessments, including quizzes, a mid-term exam and final exam, may be administered upon employer request for an additional fee. This will increase the total number of course hours.

Students who successfully complete this course will receive AJAC’s certificate of completion.

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