AJAC’s Basic Inspection Hand Tools Training

Don’t spend extra time and money sending your employees out for inspection hand tools training. Let AJAC bring its employer-driven, hands-on instruction to your company and advance your employees’ inspection skills. AJAC’s highly skilled manufacturing instructors from industry will travel to your company and train your employees on your schedule, and according to your business needs.

Course Length Maximum Number of Students per Class Course Format
8 hours 8 students Instructor-led classroom course held at your Washington State company or on AJAC’s Advanced Inspection and Manufacturing and Mobile Training Unit (AIM-MTU).


AJAC’s Basic Inspection Hand Tools course will train your employees how and when to use a variety of the most common basic hand tools in manufacturing inspection, including:

  • Precision rulers
  • Vernier, dial and digital calipers
  • Snap, Split ball, Screw pitch and Feeler gages
  • Gage pins
  • Inch lbs. and Foot lbs. torque wrenches
  • Thread wires
  • Height gages
  • Inside/outside/depth micrometers
  • Gage blocks
  • Sine bar
  • Calibration equipment related to each tool
  • Profilometer
  • Surface finish scratch plate
  • Bore Gages
  • Thread micrometer


This course is for employers and employees working in the manufacturing industry in Washington State.

Skills Assessment

Through hands-on practice and instructor guidance, your employees will demonstrate their understanding of how to calibrate and use basic manufacturing inspection tools by accurately inspecting the provided AJAC Inspection Plate and reporting the results for verification.

Students who successfully complete this course will receive AJAC’s certificate of completion.

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